Centre review: Zentrum der Rehabilitation Geerlofs

In the UK there are barely any facilities offering long-term targeted therapy for people with a SCI. We started looking elsewhere and stumbled upon a little known centre called Zentrum der Rehabilitation, located in Pforzheim, Germany. After getting in touch, we were invited over to assess Irrum’s recovery potential and to see what they offer. So impressed were we by their can-do attitude that we embarked on a fundraising campaign, and eventually we raised enough money to allow Irrum to spend three months there. She made big progress. In this post, Irrum talks about our time at the centre.

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Equipment review: Giger MD

A person with a SCI is placed under huge financial strain right from the get-go. For most it is impossible to pay privately for therapy at specialised centres (at rates of £60 per hour or upwards) for any sustained period of time. In the UK, there is barely any support from the national health service (NHS): on discharge from hospital, an SCI patient is only provided with a one-off block of 12 hours of therapy. And without long-term access to therapy, progress stops.

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In profile: Kamal Farhat

A significant aim of our blog is to encourage people with spinal cord injuries to maximise recovery by continuing aggressive rehabilitation many years after the injury happened. But sometimes it’s difficult to keep going with repetition after repetition, day after day, especially if there are no signs of progress. What you need is a story from someone in a similar position to refresh your motivation. So we decided to contact a number of people around the world to hear their stories.

We start with a dear friend of ours, Kamal Farhat, who we met in the summer of 2016 at the Zentrum der Rehabilitation in Pforzheim, Germany.

Kamal and his wife, Lea
Kamal and his wife, Lea

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